Though built in the 1960’s, New Buffalo has been extensively renovated, preserving the original spirit of art, community, and sustainability without sacrificing comfort.  Since 2003, ceilings have been raised, inner spaces expanded, and an extensive wood fire and passive-solar heating system added for the comfort of all.  Still, the rustic beauty of the original adobe structures remains.

New Buffalo welcomes visitors and friends to come explore our buildings and grounds and discover what speaks to you.  Our facilities can accommodate retreats, workshops, meetings, small conferences, meals, performances, lessons, or healing space, as well as overnight accommodations for those who wish to visit longer.  At full capacity, we can sleep up to twelve people with plenty of extra space for camping and sleeping bags -  and summer can bring even more lodging options.  All of our spaces can be used creatively, with many opportunities blossoming from the use of a single room.   With our five guest rooms, library, kitchen, Buffalo Room, and plentiful outdoor space, there is much to experience here at New Buffalo.